Catch & Release Art.

"Man! That is a big fish!.​"

Have you said that in the past and wondered if you should keep that fish and have it mounted? With my Catch & Release Art you can have the fish on the wall, and your wife won’t have to dust that “old, nasty” fish. With a good detailed photograph, I can scale and match it and create a custom painting! Even the spots will match!  

You choose from the original art, cooler wraps, fly boxes, and more!

The fish of a lifetime!!  This was caught in the middle of July on the upper section of the North Platte River near Grey Reef.  The fish named “Meatier” was landed on a size 20 midge.  Peter Toothmaker was the client that caught this fish.  This was his first fish he brought to the net of the trip!  We had hooked several fish and we were working out some of the kinks when we hooked this amazing fish.  She was so big I didn’t think she was going to fit in the net!   The fish measured 31 1/2 inches and I guessed her weight to be around 13 lbs.  I have been guiding 10 years and have never landed a fish like this.  To make this encounter last forever, Peter had me draw this fish to scale this winter!  I still get chills talking about this fish and I am so happy that I got to draw this fish and Peter can look at it on the wall of his office!

The Tooth Brown

Meatier Than your brown